Dr. Beverley Orser

Dr. Beverley Orser is the Chair of the Department of Anesthesia, former Canada Research Chair in Anesthesia and Professor of Anesthesia and Physiology at the University of Toronto, a practicing anesthesiologist at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, and a co-founder of the Perioperative Brain Health Centre (www.perioperativebrainhealth.com). With over 20 years of experience in neuroscience research, she has authored >190 publications. Dr. Orser’s research aims to understand the role of GABA receptors in learning and memory. Her lab pioneered the study of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors as drug targets, discovered that these receptors were regulated by endogenous factors, such as cytokines, and that they also contribute to post-anesthetic cognitive deficits.

Her leadership has been recognized by election to the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Health Science and the National Academy of Medicine of the United States.